Luka Baklaga

Researcher (scientist) | BTU

Luka Baklaga is a 21-year-old researcher, innovator, founder, and futurist. This year, Luka graduated from the University of Business and Technology with a bachelor's degree in information technology and finance. Immediately after enrolling in the university, Luka became the co-founder of their first technological startup, the company "MycoFounder." In parallel with the university, for the purpose of international scientific popularization, Luka had to be a mentor-lecturer abroad, where they introduced their own research ideas and the importance of science. As a result of their research, Luka was involved in laboratory experiments at MIT, South Korea, and Hong Kong. In cooperation with MIT, Luka served as a TOT lecturer (mentor) where they taught (introduced) innovative uses of artificial intelligence to students. At the age of 20, Luka carried out theoretical research at a closed nuclear power plant in Germany, where their plan was to predict molecules at the atomic level with an innovative approach and with the help of artificial intelligence; as a result, Luka's paper was published there. At the age of 19, Luka's research on cancer cell prediction using quantum artificial intelligence and neuromorphic computing techniques was published in high-impact international scientific journals. In the paper, Luka theoretically and experimentally described the process of integrating machine learning on the basis of bioengineering to predict diseases from a person's blood in a short interval. Luka's future works are related to green energy and creating quantum artificial intelligence, and they have built many robots for energy efficiency demonstration. Consequently, Luka became the co-founder of a new technological startup "E-Flow," which won an international competition. Currently, Luka is a researcher (scientist) at the University of Business and Technology, where their research is focused on the general field of STEM and its application in real-world problems. In the near future, Luka plans to work on the invention of a fully functional cancer prediction system from an industrial standpoint. They are also considering writing a book about their work on quantum artificial intelligence and its application to economic prediction in the next 50 years.


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